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The Widow’s House – The BOLO Books Review

Diehard fans of contemporary gothic suspense likely know the name Carol Goodman, but based on her consistently superior writing, recurring themes, and complex characters and plots, this author should be better known to crime fiction enthusiasts. The Widow’s House is...

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The Photographer – The BOLO Books Review

Craig Robertson risks wading into rough waters with The Photographer, but the results are more than worth it. With a tale as timely as it is tense, Robertson advances his series in unexpected ways, while also trying to educate readers and validate victims. The...

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The Undertaker’s Daughter – The BOLO Books Review

The writings of Sara Blaedel remain a treasure trove yet to be discovered by many crime fiction explorers. Her series featuring homicide detective Louise Rick is beloved by fans for its portrayal of the rarely-seen underbelly of Danish society, but with The...

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Recent Interviews

Alafair Burke – The BOLO Books Interview

From the Booking Desk: Hopefully, at this point you have already pre-ordered Alafair Burke's new book, The Wife. Critical praise of this novel has been very strong and I even called it "an instant classic," so it should be no surprise that I invited Alafair here to...

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Kristopher Zgorski – Behind the Blogger

From the Booking Desk: Depending on what device you are viewing BOLO Books on, you may notice over the next few weeks that we are changing up the look of the blog.  I am working with someone who knows much more about these things than I do - more on that later - but...

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Becky Masterman – The BOLO Books Interview

From the Booking Desk: I am thrilled to welcome Becky Masterman to the blog today. She is the author of the Brigid Quinn series and if you haven't yet met Brigid, please do yourself a favor and get a hold of these books. The BOLO Books reviews of Rage Against the...

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Recent Articles

Sarah Weinman – A BOLO Books Composite Sketch

From the Booking Desk: Sarah Weinman has had so much influence on me; more than she even knows herself. Long before I ventured into this world of blogging, I was a fan of Sarah's output - most especially her crime blog "Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind."  While I...

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BOLO – Week of February 18, 2018

From The Booking Desk: Some heavy-hitters in this week's list of books to be on the look out for. I know many of you have been waiting for these books, so get yourself to the bookstore and enjoy! ______________________________________________________________________...

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Kate Malmon – A BOLO Books Composite Sketch

From the Booking Desk: Count me as a fan of Kate Malmon's reviews - that is how I first discovered her. And count me as a fan of Kate Malmon, period. Just as with her husband, Dan, who was our Composite Sketch guest last week, I have since been fortunate to meet Kate...

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Welcome to BOLO Books. The blog name comes from the common police acronym meaning “be on the look out.” (or “be on the lookout” – depending on your source). This is especially appropriate in this case, as this blog will focus on books in the mystery and thriller genre. Crime fiction is my passion and I want to share that with you.

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