BOLO Books’
Second Blogoversary

From The Booking Desk:

Yesterday, October 24, was the second anniversary of BOLO Books. I could not let the occasion pass without a brief mention.

When I started BOLO Books back in 2012, I had no idea how much joy and fulfillment it would bring to my life.  Books have always been a central focus for me and to be able to help spread the enjoyment of reading around the world has been nothing less than gratifying and awe-inspiring.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me.

My main tenet of only talking about books that I enjoy has ensured that BOLO Books is a joyful destination where fans know they can come to feel the positive energy of book-love and where the main focus is always on the celebration of the written word.

All of you are as much a part of the success of BOLO Books as I am. Every time I sit down to write a review, it is my fellow readers I am thinking about. I hope that you have come to trust my reviews and that I have helped to introduce you to books which have gone on to become your new favorites.

Now, onward to Year Three!


Thank you all and much love,

Founder of BOLO Books

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10 thoughts on “BOLO Books’
Second Blogoversary

  1. I have loved watching you share your passion for reading in such a powerful and overwhelmingly positive way. I know this thing is in its infancy and I hope it will continue to grow until I have a magnifier arm attached to my iPad (though I am certain Apple can do better than that) and I am advising my book club at Magnolia Manor (which I will be forming for me and choice friends who wish to enjoy retirement with an endless supply of good reads, 500-thread linens, well-behaved dogs, and other simple pleasures…just send $19.95 to reserve your rocker now) of the 2044 top ten mysteries recommended by BOLOBOOKS!

    • LOL. Thanks Janet. We should all be so lucky to spend our golden years with the likes of you. You’re the best. Thank you for your continued support!

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