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From the Booking Desk:

If you are an e-mail subscriber to the blog, you may have noticed that you have not been getting notifications for about a week.  This was the result of an error created when one of the main applications for WordPress was updated.

I have now been about to resolved that issue and wanted to send out a message thanking everyone for being so understanding.  We have missed you!

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A Simple Favor – The BOLO Books Review

Friends do favors for each other all the time; so when Emily asks Stephanie to pick up her son after school, she thinks nothing of it. After all, she has to pick up her own son and the two boys love to have playtime, so no big deal, right? Except that Emily never comes to pick up her child later that evening and Stephanie realizes that something is very wrong. This is the set-up for Darcey Bell’s debut novel, A Simple Favor.

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