Crime Song – The BOLO Books Review

Crime Song is the second book in David Swinson’s series featuring anti-hero Frank Marr. As with the series debut, The Second Girl, Swinson excels at the policing elements of the plot due to his own history with the occupation. David Swinson’s attitude toward the occupation is one of respect without straying into fanaticism. He understands that there are good and bad people in all lines of work.

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Malice Domestic 2017 – The BOLO Books Recap

From the Booking Desk:

Malice Domestic is the yearly crime fiction convention held in/near Bethesda, Maryland. About half the size of Bouchercon, Malice Domestic is a cozier affair – in all definitions of the word. Since Malice celebrates the traditional mystery, there are a fair number of cozy mystery authors in attendance, but it is important to remember that it really does include all sub-genres that fall under the larger “traditional” banner. Here is a brief remembrance of this year’s convention.

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Silent Rain – The BOLO Books Review

By design, most books in a crime fiction series allow readers to follow the lives of the main character and perhaps some of the secondary players over the course of time. However, it is more rare that readers are given access to re-visit with a character who was integral to a crime in one of the earlier novels. Never one to give readers the expected, this is exactly what Karin Salvalaggio does in Silent Rain.

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BOLO – Week of May 7, 2017

From The Booking Desk:

I have doubled the number of titles on this week’s list of books to be on the look out for.  I did this mainly as an example of how much diversity can be found in just one week of publishing in the crime fiction genre – diversity in style, tone, audience, and length. Literally something for everyone here – and all of it worth exploring.

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Since We Fell – The BOLO Books Review

When news breaks about the release date of a new Dennis Lehane novel, a buzz justifiably begins to build within the crime fiction community. Things followed that existing standard when Mr. Lehane’s latest novel, Since We Fell, was announced at the beginning of the year. What is different, however, is that Since We Fell is anything but a typical Dennis Lehane book. Always one to explore the crevices of what crime fiction can be, with this new novel he ventures into some uncharted territory – at least for him.

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City of Angels – The BOLO Books Review

Los Angeles, California. The self-proclaimed City of Angels, land of facades and facelifts where money and movies dominate, but masks and manipulation are de rigueur. This is the setting for Kristi Belcamino’s new novel, her young adult debut. Appropriately titled City of Angels, Belcamino places the action of the novel smack dab in the middle of the tumultuous time between the Rodney King beating and subsequent riots that would eventually bring the city to its knees. Within this moment of cultural zeitgeist Kristi Belcamino dares to tell an extremely personal tale – the maturation of one young lady from damaged girl to self-assured woman.

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