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Hid From Our Eyes – The BOLO Books Review

When a long-running and beloved book series takes an unexpected hiatus, there will naturally be some trepidation after a new entry in the series is finally announced. "Will we still feel those bonds to the characters?" "Has the author lost that magical mojo that made...

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Murder at the Mena House – The BOLO Books Review

Probably now more than ever, with the world in crisis, readers are longing for books that bring comfort and familiarity, those novels featuring a sense of nostalgia that soothe and distract without requiring excessive concentration. Unbeknownst to her while writing...

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Darling Rose Gold – The BOLO Books Review

Fans of the escapist entertainment typically associated with Lifetime Television movies, will find much to enjoy in Stephanie Wrobel’s debut novel, Darling Rose Gold. In many ways, the melodramatic moments and carefully-placed twists feel artificially manufactured,...

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Recent Interviews

Neliza Drew – A BOLO Books Guest Post

From the Booking Desk: When the likes of Erin Mitchell, Josh Stallings, Hilary Davidson, and Thomas Pluck are raving about an author or book, it behooves one to investigate. This is how I first discovered Neliza Drew and her new novel. Immediately taken with Neliza's...

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Wendy Walker –
The BOLO Books Interview

From the Booking Desk: Wendy Walker's novel, All is Not Forgotten, will be released on July 12. If you follow entertainment news, you have likely already heard about this book because of the film option made on it by Reese Witherspoon. Trust me when I say that this is...

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Mark Billingham @ The Ivy Bookshop

From The Booking Desk: Last night at The Ivy Bookshop in Baltimore, Mark Billingham entertained a loyal crowd with an assist from Laura Lippman. Anyone who has ever heard Mark speak knows that the man can’t resist a good one-liner to keep the audience on their toes....

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Recent Articles

Cover Reveal – Revenge of the Widow Malmon

There are so many people in our crime fiction community that do so much for us all. When those people reach out to me asking if I can help with something, the answer is always YES. Case in point, The Malmons - Dan and Kate. They visited the blog when Killing Malmon...

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APB – Winter 2020

Time for another entry in this incredibly popular feature here at BOLO Books – The APB (All Points Bulletin).As always, competition for these slots was tough. Which books are generating that elusive buzz in the publishing industry? Which are books that I personally...

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Edwin Hill – A BOLO Books Composite Sketch

From the Booking Desk: I first came to be aware of Edwin Hill when Shawn Reilly Simmons told me there was this new book coming out that she thought I might enjoy. That book turned out to be Edwin's debut, Little Comfort, which I did immensely enjoy (and which went on...

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Welcome to BOLO Books. The blog name comes from the common police acronym meaning “be on the look out.” (or “be on the lookout” – depending on your source). This is especially appropriate in this case, as this blog will focus on books in the mystery and thriller genre. Crime fiction is my passion and I want to share that with you.

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