BOLO – Week of April 16, 2017

From The Booking Desk:

Another week, another interesting selection of books to check out when you are next at the bookstore.

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Forgotten City – The BOLO Books Review

Readers love a character they can root for. Someone they can relate to, respect, and learn from – and Claire Codella is just such a character. First appearing last year in Carrie Smith’s vastly underappreciated debut, Silent City, Codella returns this month in the even stronger sequel, Forgotten City.

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IQ – The BOLO Books Review

This past year, Hamilton revolutionized the Broadway musical by infusing it with elements drawn directly from hip-hop culture. This modernization inspired a new segment of society to engage with this historic art form – the diversity on the stage stimulated a more diverse audience. In this way, Joe Ide’s IQ could be described as the Hamilton of crime fiction. His writing brings vitality to the page with the force of a sledgehammer and the grace of pianist. IQ connects the modern urban lifestyle with the traditions of the genre without risking alienation; IQ is about reflecting and unifying our modern, diverse world in all its splendor while maintaining mad respect for the forefathers of the genre.

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The Next One Will Kill You – The BOLO Books Review

Neil S. Plakcy’s The Next One Will Kill You is best described as exhilarating, escapist entertainment. The novel’s exciting and fun nature generates from the fact that it never takes itself too seriously and the fact that Plakcy manages to avoid allowing the players to sink to stereotypical caricatures is a testament to his faith in the original concept.

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Blood Money Murder – The BOLO Books Review

From the Booking Desk:

In light of the events in Orlando this weekend, it has been a difficult few days with more struggles still on the horizon. As I attempt to keep the conflicting emotions of depression and anger at bay, I have surrounded myself with the things I love – the people, the theater, the music, and of course, the books. In particular, I found that I needed to reach for a book that would envelop me within the LGBTQ community that has given so much back to me. Fortunately, I had the new Jessie Chandler novel on my every growing to-be-read pile and with it, I found the book I needed and proceeded to allow the goodness to comfort me.

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Trail of Echoes –
The BOLO Books Review

With the release of Trail of Echoes, her third Lou Norton mystery, Rachel Howzell Hall has solidified her ranking as one of the strongest new voices in crime fiction today. Each new book in the series has seen her already well-rounded characters exposing more subtleties and nuances, which serves to make them that much more realistic. And let us not forget her setting of Los Angeles. There is certainly no shortage of authors working that stomping ground, and yet Rachel Howzell Hall has managed to stake a claim on the area by tapping into the often-unexplored diversity found there and by giving voice to those individuals who have long been stifled.

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