Conviction – The BOLO Books Review

The dense relationship between Rebekah Roberts and Saul Katz has been one of the cornerstones of Julia Dahl’s series of mystery novels set in and around the Hasidic community of Brooklyn, New York. Through all of their highs and lows, Saul has always been important to Rebekah: as father figure, mentor, source, and above all, friend. It is no accident that Saul plays a pivotal role in Conviction, the third novel is this award-winning series.

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BOLO – Week of March 26, 2017

From The Booking Desk:

It is another week full of excellent new books. With Spring finally upon us, and Spring Breaks happening in many locations, what could be better than settling down with a good book?

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The Day I Died – The BOLO Books Review

For a woman who cannot be herself, Anna Winger is certainly skilled at knowing about other people from the barest of evidence – all it takes is their handwriting.

This simple fact only scratches the surface of the complex lead character in Lori Rader-Day’s absorbing third stand-alone novel, The Day I Died. More of a deep character study posing as a plot-driven narrative, this novel manages to elicit compulsive reading via tension-filled moments juxtaposed beside scenes of intense introspection.

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Becky Masterman – The BOLO Books Interview

From the Booking Desk:

I am thrilled to welcome Becky Masterman to the blog today. She is the author of the Brigid Quinn series and if you haven’t yet met Brigid, please do yourself a favor and get a hold of these books. The BOLO Books reviews of Rage Against the Dying, Fear the Darkness, and A Twist of the Knife can be found by following the links.

And now, here is Becky!

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A Twist of the Knife – The BOLO Books Review

Sometimes with a series, the author is comfortable giving readers “the same, but different” with each new book release and that is often satisfying. However, with a character as unique as Brigid Quinn, it is fitting that Becky Masterman does not follow that mold. With A Twist of the Knife – the third book in her series – readers can really get a sense of what Masterman is attempting to do with this grouping of novels.

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The Cutaway – The BOLO Books Review

Media scrutiny is at an all time high. It seems that no matter where one turns, there is controversy, distrust, and scandal involving our news agencies. Of course, none of this is really “new,” but in our social climate, it seems that everyone suddenly has an opinion. Within that melee is where Christina Kovac positions her debut mystery, The Cutaway.

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