BOLO – Week of March 19, 2017

From The Booking Desk:

It is going to be a very busy week here on BOLO Books – and this list of books to be on the look out for is the reason why. This listing just scratches the surface of the incredible books coming out this week. I often say it, but it has never been more true: There is a book for every taste on this list!

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My Sister’s Bones – The BOLO Books Review

One of the most powerful things about fiction is that at times it can allow us to experience in a tangible way situations that are foreign to us. Some novels allow us to travel to a distant time or place, walk in the footsteps of another, or see events through another’s eyes. What these methods have in common is that they reach the reader in ways that can actively affect real lives, not just those of the fictional characters on the page.

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Lie With Me –
The BOLO Books Review

When the likes of Alex Marwood, Sarah Hilary, and Clare Mackintosh sing the praises of a novel, people listen – or at least this reader does. The most recent UK release from Sabine Durrant – Lie With Me – is just such a book, garnering positive critical responses from all corners. Following on with the current trend of unreliable narrators in crime fiction, Durrant takes it to the extreme in this novel. Everyone is guilty of telling a “white lie” now and again, but after turning the final pages of Lie With Me, what once may have been second nature is likely to become fraught with anxiety, guilt, and fear.

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Black Wood – The BOLO Books Review

Navigating the balance between familiar and fresh can be tricky business, but with her debut crime fiction title, Black Wood, SJI Holliday makes it look easy. Black Wood is one of those novels that employs the use of unreliable memory as a device to heighten the mystery and suspense.

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J.M Hewitt visits the United States

From the Booking Desk:

One of the drawbacks of this book blogging gig is that I often discover shadow souls in other parts of the world – folks that I would love to meet, but the distance makes that more difficult.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the crime fiction originating in the UK (and overseas in general), so when J. M Hewitt told me that she was going to be visiting the States this Spring, I just had to have her stop by the blog. While I won’t get to meet her in person on this visit, she is here today to tell us all about the things she is most looking forward to on this visit.

And she will be sending along a copy of her book while she is local, so you can look for more on that at the end of the post and in future updates here on BOLO Books.

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The Narrow Bed – The BOLO Books Review (UK Edition)

The latest Culver Valley novel by Sophie Hannah will be released in the United Kingdom in February. Like the others in the series, The Narrow Bed continues the stories of Simon Waterhouse, Charlie Zailer, and their extended team of detectives, as well as featuring a new complex mystery puzzle at its core for a whole new cast of characters.

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