From the Booking Desk:

Last year, I created a series of four blog posts which offered advice to the attendees of Bouchercon (and really any book conference). I did it as a way of putting my own thoughts down on paper, but by the time Bouchercon 2014 rolled around, it was clear that the posts were proving helpful to many of my followers as well. Of all my postings on BOLO Books, these Countdown posts are some of the most often cited by people as being helpful to them.

As such, I decided to amend – and lightly update – the posts to make them more relevant for all Bouchercons. This will allow me to share them again prior to current conventions.

With that in mind, here are links to each of the four parts of this Countdown to Bouchercon series.  I hope that you find them useful. I’ll see you at the next convention!

Bouchercon Logo

Countdown to Bouchercon – Part I (Attendee List & Schedule)

Countdown to Bouchercon – Part II (Books & Dealer Room)

Countdown to Bouchercon – Part III (Special Events)

Countdown to Bouchercon – Part IV (Panel advice for moderators, panelists, & audience)