Recent Reviews

There and Back – The BOLO Books Review

A new “heart of darkness” beats at the core of Eric Beetner’s wilderness-noir thriller, There and Back, pumping the blood of tainted legacy through the twisted branches of greed, aggrandizement, and survival. When Synergyn Dynamics once again sends their junior...

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Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six – The BOLO Books Review

Lisa Unger’s Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six will most certainly appeal to readers who are enjoying the current trend of “getaway crime”—suspenseful stories constructed around the central premise of a relaxing vacation, holiday rental, or lavish luxury trip—but it will also...

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Hide – The BOLO Books Review

Kiersten White’s Hide can be read on two vary distinct levels: as a thrilling adventure story with horror elements or as a subtle commentary on the horrors of modern society. The fact that both readings work equally well is a testament to Kiersten White’s skill as an...

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Recent Interviews

Sisters in Crime Podcast Interview with Kristopher Zgorski

From the Booking Desk: A few weeks back, I was invited by Julie Hennrikus to be a guest on the SinC Writers' Podcast. We had a lovely conversation about my reviewing journey, my philosophies about criticism, useful tips about the unique relationship between authors...

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Remote, Me – Kristopher’s Virtual Events

From the Booking Desk: I hope that this posting finds you and yours healthy and happy during this most stressful time in American history. Before I say anything else, please remember to VOTE; we need every voice to be heard during this unprecedented election.No doubt...

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A Chat with Me – Kristopher Zgorski and John Valeri

From the Booking Desk: I was honored to be invited as a guest on John B. Valeri's YouTube show, Central Booking. If you have ever wanted to know more about the book blogging experience, this is the chat for you. We cover everything from the origins of the blog, the...

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Recent Articles

Heather Levy – A BOLO Books Composite Sketch

Headed into the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, let's squeeze in one more Composite Sketch in this 10th anniversary celebration of BOLO Books. I knew as soon as I heard the early descriptions of Heather Levy's Walking Through Needles that it would be a book I had to...

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Marco Carocari – A BOLO Books Composite Sketch

The Composite Sketch feature returns and the followers of BOLO Books couldn't be more excited. Today, we have a sketch from a newer member of our community. Marco Carocari is the author of Blackout, which I highly recommend for those looking to expand the diversity...

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Tracy Clark – A BOLO Books Composite Sketch

To help celebrate the 10 year anniversary of BOLO Books, I decided to re-launch the extremely popular Composite Sketch feature. As you may remember, these are short interviews containing five very incisive questions that are posed to members of our community -...

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Welcome to BOLO Books. The blog name comes from the common police acronym meaning “be on the look out.” (or “be on the lookout” – depending on your source). This is especially appropriate in this case, as this blog will focus on books in the mystery and thriller genre. Crime fiction is my passion and I want to share that with you.

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