Let’s Celebrate!

From the Booking Desk:

Today is the First Blogoversary for BOLO Books.  That’s right folks, BOLO Books is One Year Old Today!

It is hard to believe that it has already been a year; and yet in many ways it also feels as though I have been doing this my whole life.  So much has happened since I started the blog, but the most important thing is that a community of writers and fans I already admired and respected opened their arms to me and welcomed BOLO Books as a part of their family.  I would like to thank:

  • All of the authors who wrote such fabulous books for me to review
  • Those authors that agreed to allow me to interview them for my fledgling blog
  • All the readers who embraced my goal of writing positive, non-spoilery reviews
  • The other book bloggers who encouraged and answered questions at every stage
  • The publishers and publicists who reached out to the blog with such kind words
  • The conference organizers who allowed me to express myself on their panels
  • The independent bookstores that asked me to participate in their events

And last but never least,

  • My family and friends who support me at every turn in life


12 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate!

    This blog is a valuable resource not just for readers, but for writers, who can gain so much from your thoughtful interviews.

  2. I am continually impressed by the drive and determination it must take to make this happen, not to mention by the actual product. Happy Blogoversary! And thank you for introducing me to books and authors I would not have read otherwise, and providing insight to those I have.

  3. Well done Kris! As the Aussie songwriter Paul Kelly wrote ‘From little things, big things grow…’

    Love your work:-)

  4. WAY TO GO Kris! Your website and reviews are impressive and thanks for your inspiration.

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