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The Darkest Secret review

Alex Marwood

Author of The Wicked Girls, The Killer Next Door, and The Darkest Secret

It’s always heartening when a reviewer totally gets what I’m trying to achieve! Much appreciated.

Cross and Burn review

Val McDermid

Author of the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series, stand-alones and more

This is the review…I’ve been waiting for. Kristopher Zgorski of BOLOBooks gets it, and writes beautifully. Got a little choked up, actually.
Lori Rader-Day

Author of The Black Hour and Little Pretty Things

Thank you to BOLO books for posting this wonderful and beautifully written review!

I’m actually floored by your ability to say so much without giving away too many details about the plot. You really have a gift…

Walleye Junction review

Karin Salvalaggio

Author of Burnt River and Walleye Junction

Kristopher, you rock – I think that was the best interview anyone has done with me since I got into this publishing game.
Sara J. Henry

Author of Learning to Swim and A Cold and Lonely Place

I happened across the BOLO Books review this morning and Lord almighty!  I almost wept. The review was the most inspiring and impacting review on me personally to date.
Sandra Brannan

Author of In the Belly of Jonah and Noah’s Rainy Day

I think you do such a great job. Truly, you have some of the smartest reviews I’ve come across in all these years.

The Saints of the Lost and Found review

Toni McGee Causey

Author of The Saints of the Lost and Found

Thank you so much for the wonderful and very well written review! It’s really gratifying that you clearly gave the book your full attention.
Liz Nugent

Author of Unravelling Oliver and Lying in Wait

Those were some solid, nicely constructed questions. What a talent for inquisition! (interview)
Caroline Kepnes

Author of You and Hidden Bodies

I loved what you said, but also how you said it. You’re a great writer.

Finding Sky review

Susan O'Brien

Author of Finding Sky

Kristopher, thank you so much for this very perceptive review! You’ve understood exactly what the book is about, and I’m so grateful.

False Tongues review

Kate Charles

Author of False Tongues

This is my favourite review so far of A Line of Blood. Thank you so much, Kristopher Zgorski at BOLO Books – I’m knocked sideways.
Ben McPherson

Author of A Line of Blood

BOLO Books is one of the most brilliant readers I know.
Erin Mitchell

PR and Marketing Guru

There are some bloggers out there that offer good book reviews. Kristopher Zgorski at BoloBooks.com and Dru Ann of DrusBookMusings.com both do. (in this interview)
Oline Cogdill

Reviewer Extraordinaire