The Geography of I Am Pilgram

From The Booking Desk:

As a spy thriller, it will come as no shock that I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes features an extensive set of international locations to serve as backdrops for its breakneck plot.  The publishers and I thought it would be interesting to visually represent the global expanse of the novel.  After considering various options, I decided that a world map was the most obvious way to document just a sampling of the locations covered in the book.  And so I present to you:





From The Booking Desk:

As you no doubt noticed, the legend includes some quotes from the book itself.  Hopefully this has piqued your interest and left you wanting to read the book that is being touted as the breakout thriller of 2014.  Coming to stores on May 27, 2014, get your pre-order in now.  Then stop back here at BOLO Books on Friday for our spoiler-free review of Terry Hayes’ I Am Pilgrim.

I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes


5 thoughts on “The Geography of I Am Pilgram

  1. This is so compelling. Thank you, BOLOBOOKS, for piquing my interest about this book while–as usual–not spoiling it!

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  3. Thanks! I am reading right now and the map and notes make the book even more enjoyable.

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