From the Booking Desk:

If you are a member of a book club or book discussion group, the new initiative from Tall Poppy Writers and Francis Ford Coppola Winery is something you may be interested in. These two organizations have joined together to launch a new service called Books & Bottles.

For $49 (the non-member price; members pay less), you will be sent a lovely box designed to make hosting the perfect book club meeting as easy as possible.

Inside each box you will find:

  • One Book by a Tall Poppy Writers author. New choices will become available each season.
  • Two Bottles of wine carefully selected to compliment the novel. You can purchase either a Red or White set depending on your personal taste preferences.
  • A Hosts Handbook including a plethora of useful information: Author Interviews, Playlists for setting the mood at the meeting, and recipes (both for entrees and desserts) in case your book discussions involve food.

All of this comes creatively packaged in a box, with each element individually wrapped to make opening it an experience. So much so that each collection would also make a lovely gift for your literary friends – even absent a book club.

Please check out both Tall Poppy Writers and Francis Ford Coppola Winery for further information.

I do love to see new methods of book promotion happening!