This is the eleventh post for this incredibly popular feature here at BOLO Books – The APB (All Points Bulletin).

As always, competition for these slots was tough. Which books are generating that elusive buzz in the publishing industry? Which are books that I personally have been waiting for?

This feature works in conjunction with the weekly BOLO (Be On the Look Out) posts. Both are intended to highlight books that I am excited about in advance of their release date. In the case of the APB, the format is simply to present a gallery featuring the covers, the official release date of each book, and a brief explanation of why I am anticipating the title.

As we get closer to that release date, the BOLO post will give you more detailed information on each title, but in the meantime, feel free to research these titles on your own. And remember to pre-order!

Available April 3

A debut psychological suspense novel set in Dublin. Yes Please!

Available April 8

Catriona McPerson has long been a favorite of mine (and BOLO Books followers), so the launch of a new series is certainly something to celebrate. And just look at that wonderful cover. (Oh yeah, I did also help to generate a title for the second book in the series, so I might be biased).

Available May 1

Kristen Lepionka’s debut last year – The Last Place You Look – was on my Top Reads of 2017 list. Anticipation is very high for this follow-up.

Available May 1

Marathon, the previous Jonathan Stride book was also on my Top Read of 2017. Brian Freeman is always writing topically and this novel featuring the making of a movie starring an actor portraying his fictional character certainly sounds clever.

Available May 15

Jessica Knoll knocked my socks off with her debut novel, Luckiest Girl Alive. This one also happens to be my favorite cover of the season – between the colors, the image, and the title, one can’t help but want to dive right in.

Available May 22

Stephen King – enough said!

Available June 5

I have been a fan of Sandra Block since the beginning. I think she deserves a wider readership and I hope that this new non-series book will help to break her out. And lucky readers will go back to enjoy her under-appreciated Zoe Goldman books.

Available June 5

Korean crime fiction is rumored to be the next big thing on the international scene. What could be better than starting with an author called “Korea’s Stephen King/”

Available June 12

Jennifer Hillier has all the buzz for her new novel. A cover blurb from one of my favorite authors, Caroline Kepnes, certainly caught my attention; but Jennifer has been writing consistently excellent books for years.  If you haven’t experienced her debut duo – Creep and Freak – check them out for some chilling reads.

Available June 12

Another case where an author’s past work guarantees that I will read everything else down the pike. Unraveling Oliver is still a book I think about and refer to often, so I look forward to this new Liz Nugent novel.