From The Booking Desk:

You may be seeing countless lists of favorite 2019 books (including BOLO Books’ own Top Reads of 2019 rundown), but there are still reviews from the year I haven’t yet been able to post. Here are three more for newly released books that are all must-reads.

REVIEW: Readers who enjoy unique settings in unforgiving environments (think Ann Cleeves’ Shetland Islands) will find much to love in Paige Shelton’s version of small town Alaska. Add to that a cast of characters as endearing as Louise Penny’s Three Pines residents and you have the makings of your next traditional mystery series addiction. Stoke the fire, grab some coffee, and settle in for this well-written and engaging foray into the cold and darkness – of both Alaska and the human heart.

REVIEW: Austin Camacho has been writing about PI Hannibal Jones for a while now, but new readers can certainly jump in with this latest release. This missing person’s case sends Hannibal down some very dark avenues, but he is man who knows how to take care of himself. Readers would be hard-pressed to find a stronger example of morality, bullheadedness, intelligence, and empathy wrapped in a body that can deliver a beat-down like no other. Unfortunately (for them) and fortunately (for readers), some individuals and gangs didn’t get the message and are about to get a true wake-up call from vigilante justice.

REVIEW: Six books in and Matt Coyle’s Rick Cahill is still impossible to pin down. This is a character haunted by his past, with tragedy lurking around every corner. Never one to wallow in self-pity, Rick must now confront his darkest truths in an effort to be truly free. It is to Matt Coyle’s credit that despite this novel providing some answers fans have been longing for, it works equally as well for new readers by providing just enough details to draw the uninitiated into the story while keeping things fresh for loyal followers.