From the Booking Desk:

I have been a fan of both LynDee Walker and Bruce Robert Coffin for a very long time–both as authors and as people. It would be a struggle to find two nicer individuals, completely free of drama, within our crime fiction community. They have both made indelible contributions on the genre with their own novels, but when I heard that they were co-authoring a new series together, I was ecstatic. Later, I heard more details about it and my excitement only increased. It is truly an honor to be able to host the cover reveal for the first novel in The Turner and Mosley Files series – The General’s Gold. Let’s not waste anymore time, here’s the first look!

Jacket Copy:

A treasure so priceless, it’s worth killing for…
When Mark Hawkins is found dead in a seedy motel, police deem it an accidental overdose. But billionaire computer genius Avery Turner suspects there might be more to the story. Her old friend was on the trail of the legendary General’s Gold, and now Avery is determined to pick up where he left off…
Teaming up with Carter Mosley, a deep-sea shipwreck diver and adrenaline junkie turned social media sensation, Avery embarks on a dangerous quest for the treasure—and the truth. From Florida to Maine, and from the mountains of Virginia to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, they face treacherous gangs, man-eating sharks, and a world of deception and double-crosses.
As they navigate hidden clues and uncertain allies, Avery and Carter must outwit their deadly adversaries and unravel the mystery surrounding the General’s Gold. But in this high-stakes game, losing the treasure could cost them their lives.
Unearth the year’s most exhilarating treasure-hunting thriller. Join bestselling authors LynDee Walker and Bruce Robert Coffin in a pulse-pounding action-adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you love the action of Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt series and the intrigue of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, dive into The General’s Gold today!
Pre-Order Link: Severn River Books