Episode Nine of my new YouTube vlog WE ARE WHAT WE READ is now available for you to enjoy. In this special episode, the focus is on short stories, with some very talented practitioners of the form who also happen to know a lot about the history of the short story.

On this episode, my co-host Shawn Reilly Simmons and I are joined by guests Ashley-Ruth M. Bernier, Sarah Chen, David Dean, Barb Goffman, Smith Harish Jain, Kim Keeline, and Josh Pacter talking about short stories–both old and new–which they want to highlight for a plethora of excellent reasons.

As an added bonus, the episode features the first hint of the plot for my upcoming short story “Reynisfjara,” as well as a hint at the story Shawn wrote for the same anthology.

I hope that you will watch this episode of WE ARE WHAT WE READ.

And until next time:

READ OFTEN READ WIDELY (and read short stories!)