Yrsa Sigurdardóttir – The BOLO Books Interview

From the Booking Desk:

Yesterday, I posted my review of  Yrsa Sigurdardóttir’s new series debut, The Legacy.  Today, I am happy to welcome her to BOLO Books for some deeper discussion of this new novel, translations, how the Paleo diet is like a ghost, and the possibility of Thóra making an appearance in the new series. You don’t want to miss this folks!

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BOLO – Week of January 29, 2017

From The Booking Desk:

Things in the world have been pretty stressful lately; everyone is having burn-out from the political landscape – but publishing is still there giving readers books that will take their mind off reality for a few precious moments. This week there is an incredibly strong roster of titles vying for your attention.

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Sunshine Noir – The BOLO Books Review

This year has seen a plethora of outstanding short story anthologies. Already this year, BOLO Books has covered Echoes of Sherlock Holmes, Blood On the Bayou, and Storm Warning – with a few others still to come, including today’s choice.

Sunshine Noir is edited by Annamaria Alfieri and Michael Stanley and contains a very strong collection of stories tied together by the warmer climate and temperatures of their various settings. Probably because of the dark and ominous nature of the genre, noir has often been viewed as the domain of less tropical locations, but this collection proves that heat and humidity can certainly lead to mayhem and murder.

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Nightblind –
The BOLO Books Review (UK Edition)

Statistically, the occurrences of violent crime in Iceland are miniscule, but with Nightblind Ragnar Jónasson shows readers that the gap between a low crime rate and a low rate of reported crime is a chasm rather than a crack. When his English-language debut Snowblind appeared last year, I dubbed Ragnar Jónasson’s work cozy noir, and now that the second book in the “Dark Iceland” series has been released, this genre moniker seems even more appropriate. Jónasson takes readers into the icy depths of Scandinavian criminality, but does so in an almost genteel manner.

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Sunset City – The BOLO Books Review

In the crime fiction genre, readers could easily fill a yearly to-be-read pile with novels by authors they have read before and/or series books they have been following for eons. But one should not discount the debut novels released each year. Within those books are gems – such as Sunset City by Melissa Ginsburg – and missing them would be the real crime.

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Where It Hurts –
The BOLO Books Review

On any list of under-appreciated crime fiction authors, the name Reed Farrel Coleman is sure to appear. A critical favorite with a very loyal fan base, Coleman has yet to become as popular and name-recognizable as his talent warrants. With the release of Where It Hurts, the first in a new gritty crime fiction series, he just might be making the first step toward rectifying that oversight.

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