From The Booking Desk:

The organizing committee for this year’s Bouchercon in Raleigh are trying something new with the Anthony Award nomination procedure. Word of this began to spread yesterday via social media, but they have asked me to post something here on the blog as well, in the hopes of reaching as many nominating members (and that means everyone who was there last year and everyone registered to go this year) as possible.

Really all that has changed is the mechanics of the nomination procedure, but it is worth being aware of the timing, so that everyone can be sure they receive their ballot.  If you have not yet heard about the change, please read on…

To all Bouchercon attendees:

If you were registered for the Long Beach Bouchercon last year, or are currently registered for the upcoming Bouchercon in Raleigh, you will be receiving Anthony Award nomination ballots in a day or so – likely Saturday, Feb 28. This ballot will allow you to nominate books and stories for the 2015 Anthonys to be awarded in Raleigh in October.

We are trying something new, and testing the process for future Bouchercons.  We are using a survey site called Survey Monkey to send and collate the nominations. Those who have attended past Bouchercons may be familiar with the surveys you received afterwards using this same survey site.

(Some of you may have opted out of Surveys, and if so, you won’t receive the ballot unless you opt back in.)

However, the links to the ballots are being sent via email, and emails being what they are, it will be inevitable that many won’t receive them because of spam filters, firewalls and other reasons. So if you can set your emails and servers to allow mail from Survey Monkey ( or Bouchercon or Anthony Ballots, or just check your spam traps, that will hopefully cut down on undelivered ballots.

If you want some further info, and a sneak peak at the ballot worksheet, check out Remember, you are all members of Bouchercon and the success of the Anthonys, being a fan-based award, are directly related to your participation.

Happy Nominating!…and Thank You.