From the Booking Desk:

I rarely review cozy mysteries here on BOLO Books – not because I don’t read them or because they are not good, but mainly because my friend and book-blogging colleague Dru Ann Love does such an exceptional job highlighting this genre. That said, I do find that occasionally I want to at least mention some of these books so that folks know they are out there and available. I typically do that by including them on the Monday BOLO posts. But sometimes – like today – I decide to run a few mini reviews for folks to enjoy.

LongestYardSaleSherry HarrisThe Longest Yard Sale

The Longest Yard Sale is the follow-up book to Harris’ Agatha-nominated debut, Tagged for Death. A cozy mystery series focused on garage sales seems like a no-brainer, but it is the character of Sarah Winston who is real draw here. In both books, Sarah is so realistically created that she could actually be your neighbor – and you’d be all the better for it. Light-heartedness and ease of reading make these the perfect books for summer reading. Who among us hasn’t wondered what we’ll discover as we empty out a neglected closet or attic? The crime at the core of The Longest Yard Sale involves the ramifications of art forgery, so Harris is also very topical with her plots.

Fatal ReservationsLucy BurdetteFatal Reservations

The sixth book in the Key West Food Critic mystery series once again transports readers to the tropical setting of Key West. By making one of her favorite cameo players – Lorenzo the psychic – the prime suspect, Burdette has ensured that Hayley Snow will do whatever it takes to solve this latest case. Peppering the plot with details about different rules and regulations for “floating” restaurants vice their land-based counterparts and unearthing some facts about local cemeteries helps to facilitate the merging of various plot threads. Another fan favorite character, Miss Gloria, also takes a more prominent role as she becomes a side-kick to Hayley on this investigation. This book is sure to please both fans of the series and those just discovering the culinary delights of Key West.

FarmedEdith MaxwellFarmed and Dangerous

Another food-based cozy series, this one from Maxwell highlights the local food movement. This third entry in the series may seem like strange reading for the summer, but the promise of an impending blizzard will surely help to cool down overheating beach-goers. When an obnoxious resident at a elder-care facility is poisoned, it falls to local CSA organizer, Cam Flaherty, to root out the cause – otherwise it just might be she who takes the fall. Complicated romantic entanglements certainly help to spice up the chilly setting.


Disclaimer:  A print galley of all three titles was provided to BOLO Books by each author. No review was promised and the above are unbiased reviews of the novels.