From the Booking Desk:

This is the sixth post for this feature here at BOLO Books ā€“ The APB (All Points Bulletin).

As always, competition for these slots was tough. What books are generating that elusive buzz in the publishing industry? Which are books that I have been waiting for?

This feature works in conjunction with the weekly BOLO (Be On the Look Out) posts. Both are intended to highlight books that I am excited about in advance of their release date. In the case of the APB, the format is simply to present a gallery featuring the covers and the official release date of each book. As we get closer to that release date, the BOLO post will give you more detailed information on each title, but in the meantime, feel free to research these titles on your own. And remember to pre-order!

(Also, keep your eye out for an upcoming Triple Post with my friends – Dru Ann Love and Lesa Holstine – with even more hotly anticipated titles.)


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