Fudge! Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Garrett ends way too quickly.

Taking into account the quality of her writing, her flair for the dramatic, and that killer sense of humor, Kellye Garrett could easily be the secret lovechild of Shonda Rhimes and Tyler Perry, but rest assured that Hollywood Homicide is no mere imitation. This fresh and fun novel is perfect for readers who enjoy original characters surrounded by topical pop culture references.

Garrett may be writing about streets like Melrose Avenue and Sunset Boulevard, but her tone places her square at the intersection of “verisimilitude” and “satire” – a precarious location, but she carries it off with aplomb.

Dayna Anderson is a struggling actress best known for her “iconic” performance in a series of commercials for a fried chicken chain. Rooming with her best friend Sienna, Dayna’s money worries only get worse when she discovers that her parent’s home is going into foreclosure. Desperate to find a method to get rich quick, she stumbles upon a potential windfall when she sees a sign offering a reward for any tips leading to the arrest of a hit and run driver.

Turns out that Dayna and her friends may actually have seen the car in question around the time of the accident. If that is the case, this reward could be hers. Of course, like much in Dayna’s life, things do not go as smoothly as planned and she finds herself going deeper into the investigation of this crime than she ever intended. How hard can it be, right?

Virtually every page of Kellye Garrett’s debut novel features a laugh-out-loud moment. Fittingly, there are moments that seem over-the-top, but readers will certainly recognize elements of authenticity within the lifestyles of this Hollywood crowd. While Hollywood Homicide never takes itself too seriously, the writing is anything but frivolous. Kellye Garrett knows her way around the tropes of the mystery genre: the planting of red herrings is first class, the ensuing investigation follows a logical path, and our amateur sleuth takes just the right level of risks in her efforts to uncover the truth.

Tabloid shenanigans abound as readers find it harder and harder to set this book aside. Not unlike eavesdropping on that odd conversation between the coffee shop barista and one of their regular customers, reading Hollywood Homicide is addictive and downright hilarious.

Television viewers have long known that Annalise Keating will teach them how to get away with murder, but now, readers need look no further than Dayna Anderson (and Kellye Garrett) to learn how to solve one – and have fun in the process.

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