Best Day Ever is a domestic suspense novel from Kaira Rouda. Set over just one twenty-four-hour period, Best Day Ever is a prime example of a compulsively readable book with surprises at every turn.

Told from the perspective of Paul Strom, Best Day Ever documents the romantic day trip this husband has planned for his loving wife, Mia. As they head out on the road trip to their lake cabin, readers will immediately sense the tension under the surface to such an extent that they will analyze every minute decision looking for the cause of this disharmony and clues to the real purpose of this journey.

With each section separated by divider pages listing the time during which the following chapter occurs, readers will find the addiction to continue reading palpable, almost as though the novel is compelling the reader to spend twenty-four hours focused solely on the lives of these characters – and nothing else.

As the plans for the day become stranger and the couple’s discussion in the car reveals various issues and troubles within this seemingly perfect marriage, readers find themselves further drawn into Paul’s mind. Because everything is told through his eyes, it is obvious that the reader is being manipulated, and yet it is impossible to distance one’s self enough to get a wider view while locked in his delusional mindset.

Much of the success of Best Day Ever comes from the way in which pertinent details are revealed to the reader at key moments during this unexpected outing. In order to remain spoiler-free, all I will say is that sometimes it is those closeted to us who we know the least about. Marriage is complex, marriage is difficult, and it takes two people invested in the same outcome for it to have any chance of success.

Domestic suspense has long been dominated by female voices, so it was a unique choice to have this tale told from the husband’s perspective. Of course, it was not an accidental decision and readers are still given a complete – albeit, probably tainted – view of each of the female characters.

With Best Day Ever, Kaira Rouda – who was probably unknown to many readers – has made herself a go-to author for stories of domestic suspense.

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Disclaimer: A copy of this title were provided to BOLO Books by the publisher. No review was promised and the above is an unbiased review of the novel.