From the Booking Desk:

If you are active within the crime fiction community around the “interwebs,” you have likely heard about the new anthology edited by Dan and Kate Malmon. The proceeds from Killing Malmon are going to a great cause, so I hope that you will consider ordering a copy for your collection. No doubt, it would be a unique holiday gift as well.

You won’t meet two nicer people than the Malmons – in the crime fiction world or beyond. And frankly, I’m not sure why so many folks want to “off” Dan, but I will let these two explain:

It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you. It was a strange enough feeling when Crimespree Magazine sponsored the KILLING MALMON flash fiction contest in 2014. The only requirement? Somewhere in the story “Dan Malmon” had to die. It’s a weird feeling to wake up in the morning and read a story where you die in an industrial well while you’re sitting at the table eating your Whole Foods brand Cheerios, I’ll tell you that much.

Flash forward to 2016, and Down and Out Books says not only do they want to collect those stories, but they need more words, and deaths, to fill out the collection a bit more. That’s a SUPER WEIRD feeling. The realization that not only do people like reading about your many grizzly deaths, but they are putting out the call for even more?

Kate: “Dude. Your life is weird.”

Me: “I know.”

So how can we harness everyone’s Malmon Flavored Bloodlust and channel it towards a good cause? It would feel like I took a hit out on myself if we tried to make a profit from this.


We have been long-time supporters of the MS Society. Kate is the captain of her own Bike MS team, Saint Kate’s Cycling Saints. Riding bikes is our preferred method of raising cash. It gets you outside, and makes you feel good. Bikes are our jam. Not, you know… murder. When we brought up the idea of 100% of the proceeds going towards the fight to end Multiple Sclerosis, it just seemed like a natural fit.

The takeaway is this: If 30 crime writers enthusiastically write amazingly intricate tales of your (fictional) demise, and your wife not only spellchecks each one, but logic-checks each one? And then she makes calls to our insurance agent after reading each story? Then, yes. They really, really are out to get you.

So, it might as well go towards a good cause.

KILLING MALMON is available for PREORDER NOW from all the usual suspects. It hits shelves October 19, 2017.

Dan and Kate Malmon

From the Booking Desk:

My copy is on order folks. I hope that you will follow the link above and order a copy as well. I should mention that the stories in this collection come from a veritable who’s who of authors from our beloved tribe –  don’t tell them, but they are all pretty good eggs as well.

Who knew murder could be so profitable…for the MS Society!