From the Booking Desk:

Today marks 5 years of BOLO Books!  Where has the time gone?

When I started BOLO Books in October of 2012, I had no idea how much joy and fulfillment it would bring to my life. Books have always been a central focus for me and to be able to help spread the enjoyment of reading around the world has been nothing less than gratifying and awe-inspiring.

BOLO Books is a joyful destination where fans know they can come to feel the positive energy of book-love and where the main focus is always on the celebration of the written word. I hope that along the way, I have been your guide to some quality reading material. I never lose sight of the fact that what I am doing is a very subjective project – it really is only my opinion – and it means so much to me that readers have come to trust my commentary. All of you are as much a part of the success of BOLO Books as I am. Every time I sit down to write a review, it is my fellow readers I am thinking about – without you, BOLO Books wouldn’t exist.

And thank you to the authors who provide us with such wonderful books to read. So many of you have become part of the BOLO Books family and I so appreciate the kind words and good wishes each of you bestow upon my little blog every day. You have each embraced BOLO Books and constantly help to spread word of the work that I do here – that does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you!

Special mention must be made regarding:

  • My Husband, Michael – for his unwavering support and his behind-the-scenes promotional support.
  • My Father, Tom – for the avatar. Never underestimate the power of a distinct and memorable logo. Somehow, I think an eyeball holding a book qualifies.
  • My Friend, Erin Mitchell – for freshening up the blog’s appearance this last year and for just generally reducing my stress level in life, always.
  • My loyal Followers – for placing their faith in me; I wish I could name you all individually, but you know who you are.
  • My Husband, Michael – because one thank you – or a thousand – will never be enough.

Running this blog has brought so many wonderful people into my life – authors, fans, publicists, and publishers. The opportunities afforded me because of my work here are innumerable – from monitoring panels to teaching classes; from writing for magazines to hosting celebratory soirees. Believe me, I never lose sight of how blessed I am.

Thank you all for continuing on this journey with me! Here’s to making the next five years of BOLO Books even more successful than the first five years.

I would love to hear about a book you discovered through visiting BOLO Books. Leave a comment – either here or on Facebook – letting me know what that book was and perhaps you will inspire another reader to pick up it up to begin a journey of their own.