From the Booking Desk:

Many of you probably already saw the news in other locations, but for those who do not know:

The board of Mystery Writers of America has announced that they will be awarding Kristopher Zgorski the 2018 Raven Award.

That’s ME! And BOLO Books, of course.

To say that I am honored would be a vast understatement. Many of my colleagues (and friends) have been given this award in recent years: Oline Cogdill, Jon and Ruth Jordan, and Dru Ann Love among them, but this is a list of honorees that historically also includes Franklin D. Roosevelt, Alfred Hitchcock, the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Muppet Show, Eudora Welty, Vincent Price, Angela Lansbury, Bouchercon, Bill Clinton, Steven Bochco, Otto Penzler, Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore, Sisters in Crime, and many other worthy people/organizations/businesses. To be mentioned in the same breath as these folks – from 1953 onward – is a true highlight of my blogging career.

My reaction to this announcement can be found in the office press release from the Mystery Writers of America.

There will be more about this in 2018. For now, know that BOLO Books has always been a labor of love aimed at the reader. Books continue to be a force for change in the world and if I had any small part in encouraging someone to open the covers of a book, I am humbled and blessed to have done so.

We will be hosting an open house to celebrate this wonderful moment on Saturday, May 5 (Mark your calendars now.) If you are reading this, you are invited! You made this all possible.

Thank you!!!