From the Booking Desk:

When Nick Kolakowski asked me if BOLO Books would host the cover reveal for his new novel, the answer was an easy yes. Nick has always been supportive of the blog, sharing its content, and interacting with me beyond the level of “what can I do for him and his career.” It sounds crazy – and yet in our current social climate, it clearly needs to be said – being nice makes a difference. So, while I cover reveals will never be the focus of BOLO Books, I was happy to host Nick on the blog. At that point, Nick told me what the new book was called and I was intrigued even further. What in the world could this madness mean? You know you want to see this cover, right? Enough with the chit-chat, let’s take a look!

Jacket Copy:

For bounty hunter Jake Halligan, it’s a normal day of dragging people back to jail—until he comes home and finds a dead body in his gun safe. The corpse is a warning, and the list of potential suspects is very long indeed. With backup from his sister Frankie, an illegal arms dealer, Jake heads into the Idaho underworld for answers, confronting everyone from brutal Aryan Nation warriors to tenacious cops.

But Jake has a lot more to worry about than street-level thugs. For reasons unknown, he’s become the target of some of the most powerful people in the country. And they have plans for him. They want Jake and Frankie to become the next players in the most dangerous game ever invented…

“Boise Longpig Hunting Club” is a wild ride into the dark heart of the American dream, where even the most brutal desires can be fulfilled for a price, and nobody is safe from the powerful.