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Julie Hennrikus is another of those author who I delight in seeing at the various crime fiction conventions. She can always be counted on to have a smile on her face and a laugh in her heart. She and I also share a great love of theater, so you will often find us talking about the performing arts all across social media. It is truly my delight to introduce her here to those that don’t know her yet and to let the others get to know her just a little bit better. Enjoy!

Name: Julie Hennrikus aka Julia Henry
Location:  Somerville, MA

This person from my personal life is such an inspiration:

I’m very blessed to have a lot of people who have inspired me in different ways throughout my life. But if I had to choose one, and I guess I do, I’d choose my grandmother, Mae Evans Stockbridge. She was a wonderful storyteller, and used her stories to illustrate character traits. So “don’t put your hand in a glass while you’re washing it because it might break” became a story about Aunt Kitty who had to go get stitches after a Sunday dinner, but she wouldn’t go to the hospital right away because Aunt Kitty was always a bit of a martyr. That sort of thing.

My grandmother didn’t sugarcoat things. She was a nurse in the 1920’s, and had stories about that. Like many people she had both good and bad things happen to her, and told stories about them. Because of that, I know a lot of family history I can pass on. She always said that her grandchildren were the applause of her life. She loved us unconditionally, which I’ve come to realize is a tremendous gift. Every time I bake, knit, tell a story, or pass on one of her stories I think of her, which is a lot. I don’t know what she’d think about my writing life, but I do know that she’d be delighted and proud.

One of the people I admire most in the crime fiction community is:

I’ve often said that we write alone, but it takes a community to have a career. I blog with five amazing women at Sherry Harris, Barbara Ross, Jessica Ellicott, Liz Mugavero (aka Cate Conte), and Edith Maxwell (aka Maddie Day) all got writing contracts before I did, but invited me on the blog. Over the six plus years we’ve blogged together they’ve celebrated with me and supported me when I’ve needed it. Not only are they prolific, they are fabulous human beings. And dear friends. Honestly, my best piece of writing advice is to find writing friends who lift you up. That’s five people, not one, but they are all part of the reason that I have a career.

STALKER ALERT! If this fictional character were real, they would likely need to get a restraining order against me:

Radcliffe Emerson from the wonderful Amelia Peabody mysteries by Elizabeth Peters. Well, honestly, Amelia and Emerson would both need restraining orders. I love that series. Egyptology at the turn of the century, romance, adventure and mystery. When I took my dream trip to Egypt ten years ago I brought Barbara Mertz’s Temples, Tombs, and Hieroglyphs: A Popular History of Ancient Egypt. I love that Elizabeth Peters aka Barbara Mertz was also a archaeologist and brought that to the series.

People are always surprised that I am a fan of this individual (singer, actor, or artist):

It depends on how they know me! I adore Fred Astaire, he’s my all-time favorite movie star. I also am a huge Marvel movie fan. That shows part of my range, but not all of it. I’ve worked in the arts for my entire career, and I’ve learned that I never assume I’ll hate something or love it. I always give it a try.

My personal catch phrase is (or should be):

Progress over perfection. When I teach, coach or mentor people I repeat that phrase all the time. Perfectionism isn’t good for a rich, creative life. Keep moving forward, do the work, clean it up and enjoy the journey.

Find out more about Julie and her other pen-names here.
Photo Credit: Meg Manion