Earlier this week, Dru Ann Love and I posted our second video for our new BOLO*MUSINGS YouTube Channel.

In this one, we discuss 12 of our favorite books from the first half of the year – January to June 2020. It seemed only fair that since we launched the channel in the middle of the year (and a pandemic) that we go back to celebrate some of the books we loved from earlier in 2020.

We are still getting used to having ourselves out there on display in these videos. This second one is a vast improvement over the first and we are confident that we will continue to improve as we post more content.

In the next video, we will launch our new opening and closing credits designed by my husband, Michael. Having seen them already, I can tell you that this will go a long way towards making Dru Ann and I seem more professional. (It’s all about image!)

If there are any topics you would like us to discuss on the BOLO*MUSINGS YouTube Channel in the future, just drop us a comment, email, post, or courier pigeon.

Here is the link to our second video with some amazing books for your reading pleasure:

January – June 2020 Books Suggestions from Dru Ann and Kristopher on the BOLO*MUSINGS YouTube Channel.

Hope you enjoy!