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I hope that this posting finds you and yours healthy and happy during this most stressful time in American history. Before I say anything else, please remember to VOTE; we need every voice to be heard during this unprecedented election.

No doubt you have noticed with the pandemic that many crime fiction-related events have moved to the web or other remote channels. I hope that you are taking advantage of them, as they are a wonderful way to stay in contact with your favorite authors and fans. Already this year, I have attended the St. Hilda’s Crime Fiction Conference in the UK, Bloody Scotland – that nation’s premiere crime fiction convention, and several panel events at various Indie bookstores around the States. Virtual Bouchercon is coming up in October at a very affordable rate, so I hope you will join in.

In addition to attending those events above, I have also participated in a few exciting remote presentations. I’ll link to those below in case you missed any of them.

I was interviewed by John B. Valeri for his impressive new YouTube Channel: Central Booking. Here we talked about my blogging journey, the current state of crime writing, and a host of other fascinating topics. Needless to say, I also had some reading recommendations for viewers:

Kristopher Zgorski on Central Booking

Con Sweeney asked me to appear on his unique Second Life interview show, The Mystery Hour with Con Sweeney. Because this event takes place on an actual “virtual bookclub island,” the interview is done with an Avatar of myself rather than my “human form.” How often can one say that? A photo of Avatar Kristopher is seen above. Here Con and I discuss publishing in these difficult times, diversity in crime fiction, and yes, I might have rattled on about some more suggested books for readers to discover:

Kristopher Zgorski in Second Life

Lastly, but certainly not least, I had the distinct honor and privilege of talking with the incredible Rachel Howzell Hall and Kellye Garrett about their crime fiction works. You no doubt know them as two of the leading writers of color in the crime fiction community, but I am also lucky enough to call them friends. Because of that, this discussion feels like a casual chat we are having that just happened to be watched by a thousand folks. It’s a free-ranging discussion where we talk about some deeply important topics juxtaposed with information about their specific books, writing in general, and a Unicorn! This event was hosted by the legendary independent bookstore Murder By the Book in Houston, Texas. If you do watch, and I really hope that you do, please support the store in some way so that they can continue to offer events such as this one.

Kristopher Zgorski interviews Rachel Howzell Hall and Kellye Garrett

From the Booking Desk:

That’s all for now, but I will be participating on a panel at virtual Bouchercon 2020, so remember to register as soon as possible. And keep watching all the virtual events being offered by the crime fiction community.