From the Booking Desk:

Sing it to Her Bones is one of my favorite debut mysteries. In that novel, Marcia Talley introduced readers to Hannah Ives and that character has continued to thrive ever since. Marcia also happens to be one of the biggest supporters of her fellow crime writers and has dedicated countless hours to helping out in whatever way is needed. Next year, the 18th book in her Hannah Ives Mystery Series will be released and I am thrilled to give you a sneak peek at the cover for Done Gone.

Jacket Copy:

Hannah Ives is worried when her friends and long-time neighbours, Peter and Trish Young, are a surprising no-show at her Italian night. The couple seem to have vanished without a trace. Have they made a quick getaway and ‘done gone’?

As she struggles to make sense of the Youngs’ disappearance, Hannah gets a call from Trish. But when she meets up with her heavily disguised friend, their reunion takes a devastating twist. Keen to help Trish, Hannah’s investigations lead her to a series of dark discoveries and secrets involving powerful political figures. With stakes getting higher and her own life on the line, can Hannah survive her journey into Trish’s past long enough to find out who wants to keep Trish quiet, and why?

Coming from Severn House in January (UK) and April (US)