From the Booking Desk:

Parents are allowed to gush about their children’s successes, so when Josh Pachter told me that his daughter would be publishing a crime novel, I was both thrilled and immediately interested in reading it – not the least of which because it will be published by Bella Books (a publisher I highly admire and respect.) So, when Rebecca K. Jones reached out to ask if I would host the cover reveal for that book, I of course said yes. And today is the day! Let’s take a look.

Coming in March 2022

Cover Copy:

Assistant District Attorney Mack Wilson’s days are devoted to arguing a high-profile pedophilia case in the courtroom, but her evenings are troubled by a series of crimes that hit closer to home. Her complicated relationship with ex-girlfriend Anna Lapin, the media madness that swirls around her trial, and the mounting evidence that an unknown stalker is watching her a little too closely combine to threaten the confident prosecutor’s brilliant analytical mind…and her instinct for self-preservation.

Pre-Order Link: Steadying the Ark by Rebecca K. Jones (Coming March 2022)