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The trend of having short story anthologies centered around the songs of a specific performer doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. These unique prompts seem to bring about a wide variety of extremely high-quality stories. Art Taylor’s history with short stories makes him the perfect editor for such a collection. Later this year, the release of Lawyers, Guns, and MoneyCrime Fiction Inspired by the music of Warren Zevon will find Mr. Taylor teaming up with Libby Cudmore for just such a venture. I am thrilled to give you the first look at the cover for this upcoming collection:

Jacket Copy:

From classics like “Werewolves of London,” “Excitable Boy,” and “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner” to lesser-known gems across a career spanning nearly four decades, the songs of Warren Zevon are rich with crime and intrigue and suspense—guns and gunners, assassins and drug dealers, a supernatural serial killer, and a heap of hapless losers along the way too. And Zevon himself was a fan of crime fiction, especially the work of iconic mystery writer Ross Macdonald, to whom Zevon dedicated his 1980 album Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School.

Edited by Libby Cudmore and Art Taylor,  Lawyers, Guns, and Money features fifteen fantastic writers—avid fans of Zevon’s genius—offering fresh spins on his discography with tales that span the mystery genre: caper, espionage, noir, paranormal, private eye, and more.

Contributors include Gray Basnight, William Boyle, Dana Cameron, Libby Cudmore, Hilary Davidson, Steve Liskow, Nick Mamatas, Paul D. Marks, Matthew Quinn Martin, Josh Pachter, Charles Salzberg, Laura Ellen Scott, Alex Segura, Kevin Burton Smith, and Brian Thornton.

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