From the Booking Desk:

I have been a fan of Dana Cameron for a long time. Whether she is writing about a mystery-solving archaeologist or a supernatural race of beings known as the Fangborn (and anything in between), she always delivers. Dana also excels in the story story format, which is where the character of a.k.a. Jayne was born, but now Dana Cameron is giving fans the first full-length novel featuring this kick-ass heroine. And here BOLO Books provides you the first opportunity to see the cover of the new novel, Exit Interview, which will be available later this year.

Jacket Synopsis:

Reporter Amy Lindstrom has just witnessed the sudden, suspicious death of the powerful arms dealer she’s been investigating. Jayne Rogers, the deadly covert operative assigned to work with the arms dealer, has been accused by her boss of killing him, as well as turning traitor and picking off her former colleagues one by one. The only one who believes Jayne is being framed is Nicole Bradley, whose technical skills are as stealthy and lethal as Jayne’s abilities with her fists and weapons. All three must work together to prevent an enormous arms cache from falling into the wrong hands.

“Exit Interview is the first full-length “a.k.a. Jayne” novel, a thriller packed with non-stop action. The character has appeared in stories in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (as a “Black Mask” feature), and in collections including Killing Malmon and Shattering Glass.

Look for Exit Interview in DECEMBER 2022.