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I first met Kristin Kisska on the crime fiction convention circuit. We immediately hit it off and she invited my good friend (and now co-author) Dru Ann Love and I to present our DOs and DON’Ts OF WORKING WITH BOOK BLOGGERS lecture to her local chapter of Sisters in Crime. Since then we have stayed in touch and when she asked me at the most recent Malice Domestic if I would host the cover reveal for her debut novel, The Hint of Light, I was all in! When you all see this cover, you will understand why I am so excited to read this book. Let’s take a look:


Jacket Copy:

In this heart-wrenching exploration of unconditional love, what a mother finds in the aftermath of her son’s death could put her family back together―or tear them apart for good.

In the wake of her son’s sudden death, Margaret Dobrescu struggles to keep it together in the face of her grief…and her guilt. She can’t help but blame herself for Kyle’s own lifelong struggles―namely, the alcoholism that plagued him.

But within mere days of his funeral, secrets and suspicions begin to surface, and Margaret’s husband admits that Kyle once confessed to having a daughter. Clinging to the hope that some part of her son is still out there, Margaret embarks on a search to find her rumored granddaughter.

What Margaret hasn’t prepared for, however, is the deluge of secrets that keep coming. And as she digs deeper and deeper into her son’s life to find the truth, what she finds instead is that her own secrets can’t stay buried forever.

Available August 29, 2023

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