Last year, K. B. Jackson launched her middle-grade Sasquatch Hunters series with The Sasquatch of Hawthorne Elementary. That book is now an Agatha Award Nominee for Best Children’s/YA Mystery, which makes the release of the sequel—The Sasquatch of Harriman Lake—all the more exciting.

Once again, the founding members of S. H. O. W. (Sasquatch Hunters of Washington) are hot on the trail of that big, hairy creature. Jake, Jasmine, and Lanny have found that working together on this shared pastime they are all passionate about has cemented a bond of friendship that extends well beyond their original connections.

The Sasquatch of Harriman Lake finds the group searching the grounds around Harriman Lake for evidence of their elusive prey. Benny Hathaway is staying with her father in the cabin next to Jasmine’s, so it isn’t very long before she is recruited to the group, and they set off across the waters to the forested area in the distance. (In a nice addition to the excellent cover artwork and interior design, The Sasquatch of Harriman Lake also includes a map of the area that this rag-tag band is about to explore.)

Legend has it that this is also the location of a buried treasure and when the group finds a poem containing coded clues to its location, their search for Sasquatch takes a backseat to the thrill of finding a hidden treasure. But are the two missions somehow connected?

K. B. Jackson’s series is the perfect blend of adventure, mystery, and woo-woo. While these young people are off on adventures that would thrill any child, the mysteries of what it means to be a good friend, a productive citizen, and a valued team-member all rise to the surface. Of course, maybe the cryptid they are hunting doesn’t exist…or maybe he does…but either way the bonds among this group of friends is very, very real.

As with the first book, K. B. Jackson uses her platform to also educate her young fans. Sprinkled throughout the narrative are new vocabulary words, educational topics from science, fun references to vintage movies, and clever puzzles that require the characters—and the reader—to employ some critical thinking skills. The humor throughout the book ranges from juvenile antics to more subtle wordplay that will delight all ages. (No doubt trying to capture the parental figures reading with their children, decisions like titling chapters “Benny and the Jet Ski” and “We got the Beasts” call to mind a nostalgic feeling that is impossible to deny.)

The overarching storyline of The Sasquatch of Harriman Lake touches on those feelings of jealousy and isolation young people tend to experience when first navigating the challenges of larger groups. Readers watch as their childish interactions blossom into more mature responses—echoing their growth and learning. Environmental concerns are also a topic addressed, which seems so fitting for a series focuses on nature and the natural world.

Join Jake, Jasmine, Lanny, and Benny as they set out on another expedition. The Sasquatch of Harriman Lake is a delight for readers of all ages. You’ll be surprised—the next time you hear the rustling bushes in your backyard, you just might wonder if maybe Bigfoot really is out there!

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