From the Booking Desk:

Anytime there is a new Dana Cameron book, it’s time for readers to get excited. Dana Cameron is one of the most exciting authors in the crime fiction genre because you just never know what you are going to get from her: archeological mystery (with her Emma Fielding series), paranormal mystery (with the Fangborn books), spy thrillers (with the a. k. a Jayne character), or even some Sherlockian inspired stories. Dedicated fans of Dana Cameron know Anna Hoyt from several critically-acclaimed historical mystery short stories, so they are likely to be excited to know that Anna Hoyt is finally getting her very own novel. For those who have not yet met her, prepare yourselves!

I am thrilled to reveal the cover for Anna Hoyt, coming this October.

Jacket Copy:

Anna Hoyt is in the enviable position of owning and running her own tavern; in 1745 Boston, Massachusetts, women had to be granted the legal right to run a business alone. The Queen’s Arms is located on the busy Boston waterfront and the thriving tavern’s location makes Anna a target for the toughs who want her to sell the place to them. The tavern is Anna’s only security, and she’s stubbornly determined not to sell, despite the threats of her abusive husband and the thug he wants to impress. There’s no one to turn to, no organized police force to protect her, and while the law may be on her side, a piece of paper won’t stand in the way of dangerous men. Faced with the choice of a quick and brutal death or enduring misery in poverty, Anna takes matters into her own hands.

Early Praise: 

“Dana Cameron brings the quays and taverns of 18th-century Boston to reeking, cacophonous life in this wonderful novel and introduces us to a truly original heroine. Anna Hoyt, a young widow determined to make it in a world determined to stop her, is by turns flinty, vulnerable, enterprising, merciless, and always compelling. Beautiful and brutal — I loved it.” – Catriona McPherson, multi-award-winning author of In Place Of Fear

Look for pre-order links soon. And be sure to get your copy this Fall.