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What Have We Done – The BOLO Books Review

Alex Finlay’s What Have We Done is the type of thriller that should come with a seatbelt and safety goggles. Finlay wastes not one page before throwing readers into a tailspin, sending his plot off in a direction readers could hardly expect. By that point—again, just...

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Time’s Undoing – The BOLO Books Review

The first quarter of 2023 has already been packed with some first-class crime fiction and that trend shows no sign of slowing down. The latest book to register on the “future classic seismograph” is Time’s Undoing by Cheryl A. Head. This is Cheryl A. Head’s first...

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Murder Your Employer – The BOLO Books Review

Calling Rupert Holmes accomplished doesn’t even seem to come close to recognizing his achievements. Not only has he won the Edgar Award for Best Play twice (for The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Accomplice), but he also has a successful career as a novelist (Where the...

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Recent Interviews

Heather Levy – A BOLO Books Composite Sketch

Headed into the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, let's squeeze in one more Composite Sketch in this 10th anniversary celebration of BOLO Books. I knew as soon as I heard the early descriptions of Heather Levy's Walking Through Needles that it would be a book I had to...

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Marco Carocari – A BOLO Books Composite Sketch

The Composite Sketch feature returns and the followers of BOLO Books couldn't be more excited. Today, we have a sketch from a newer member of our community. Marco Carocari is the author of Blackout, which I highly recommend for those looking to expand the diversity...

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Tracy Clark – A BOLO Books Composite Sketch

To help celebrate the 10 year anniversary of BOLO Books, I decided to re-launch the extremely popular Composite Sketch feature. As you may remember, these are short interviews containing five very incisive questions that are posed to members of our community -...

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Recent Articles

Rupert Holmes Interview for Authors on the Air

This afternoon, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the creative genius that is Rupert Holmes. I was invited to be the guest interviewer by Pam Stack and we, of course, talked about his excellent new novel MURDER YOUR EMPLOYER. While the official interview is...

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S. A. Cosby – A BOLO Books Composite Sketch

From the Booking Desk: There is no question in anybody's mind that S. A. Cosby is a superstar of the crime fiction genre. It is an honor to have him here participating in the Composite Sketch series. I first met Shawn at a local MD/DC/VA Noir at the Bar event shortly...

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L.A. Chandlar – A BOLO Books Composite Sketch

You would be hard-pressed to find a nicer person in the crime fiction community than Laurie L.A. Chandlar. Besides writing excellent and award-nominated historical mysteries, she is also a huge supporter of and champion for her fellow authors. I have had the pleasure...

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Welcome to BOLO Books. The blog name comes from the common police acronym meaning “be on the look out.” (or “be on the lookout” – depending on your source). This is especially appropriate in this case, as this blog will focus on books in the mystery and thriller genre. Crime fiction is my passion and I want to share that with you.

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