From the Booking Desk:

You may have noticed over the past few months the increased occurrence of the Twitter hashtag WhoIsSamAlexander?  You may have even investigated further to see what this was all about.

This was a clever (and successful) marketing campaign designed by Arcadia Books in conjunction with their release of the new mystery novel Carnal Acts by, yes you guessed it, Sam Alexander.

Carnal Acts is a debut novel, of a sort.  It turns out that Sam Alexander is actually a well-respected British crime fiction author using a nom de plume.  The #WhoIsSamAlexander? designation was used to encourage and track the guesses of readers as to the true identity of the author.

And today, the curtain has been pulled back and the wizard revealed:

Sam Alexander is Paul Johnston.  Paul is the author of many crime novels prior to his new adventure as Sam Alexander.  For more about this well-respected writer please visit the Paul Johnston author page.

Carnal ActsFor more on this reveal, see the press release at the Bloody Scotland conference website:  Who is Sam Alexander? And be sure to order the book if you have not already.  It is currently available in both the US and the UK.