From the Booking Desk:

At this year’s Malice Domestic, I ran into Cynthia Kuhn, who happens to be a member of the Mysteristas blog.  She asked is I would like to stop by for an interview and of course, I said yes. Here is just a sampling of one of the great questions they asked. Please stop by their blog to hear my reviewing philosophy, best blog experiences, and much more.


Mysteristas: What sort of responses have you had from people offline (non-bloggers or non-writers), or do they know about your success?

BOLO Books: My friends and family have been very supportive of BOLO Books. Since most of my everyday circle of friends do not read nearly as much as I do, they were already asking me for recommendations. The blog just makes it easier and more “official.”

Last year at Bouchercon was the first time I really started to realize the reach that BOLO has. At that conference, it was rare for me to travel from one panel to another without being stopped by someone who was familiar with the blog. Of course, it helps that I am usually dressed in something bright that is emblazoned with the BOLO Books eyeball logo.

Everyone seems to enjoy the fact that they can come to BOLO Books and know that they are going to read a positive review. At first people thought this meant that I just liked everything, but as time has gone on, people get that I just choose not to talk about those books that I don’t enjoy (and I will tell you, there are many). There is too much negativity in the world and as I always say, just because I didn’t like something doesn’t mean that someone else won’t love it.

Follow this link for more great questions from Mysteristas.

From the Booking Desk:

I’d like to take this opportunity to thanks Cynthia Kuhn and the rest of the Mysteristas for allowing me to stop by their wonderful blog. Also, I want to mention that Cynthia’s debut mystery, Lectured to Death, will be published by Henery Press in 2016. Expect to hear more about that when the time comes.