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Followers of BOLO Books know that I will occasionally review a book when it is released in the UK. This is typically because I can’t wait to read the book and with Internet-commerce today, it’s easy enough for readers to obtain a copy if they so desire.

That said, I know that some folks would rather wait for the domestic release of the title and I can understand that as well. This does means that some might want to see my review again when that time comes.

Next week, Sophie Hannah’s latest Charlie Zailer/Simon Waterhouse book will be released here in the U.S. Originally reviewed under the UK title – The Telling Error – the powers that be have decided it will be called Woman with a Secret here in the States.

Here is the opening paragraph of my original review:

Sophie Hannah has consistently been writing some of the most complex and psychologically acute mystery novels out there. The Telling Error, the ninth in her bestselling series, continues this tradition. Reading one of her novels is like looking into the private files of a renowned psychologist: you never know what you are going to find, but you know it will be fascinating.
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While Woman with a Secret is the ninth book in Sophie Hannah’s series, unlike most series, Sophie’s books are more like stand-alones with some recurring characters. Because of that, they can be read in any order. However, since there are some developments in the relationship of the main detectives, those who want to read the books in order should follow this listing:

Little Face

The Truth-Teller’s Lie

The Wrong Mother

The Dead Lie Down

Cradle in the Grave

The Other Woman’s House

Kind of Cruel

The Carrier

And now, Woman with a Secret

There are only a limited number of authors for whom I can honestly say that they have *never* let me down with one of their books. Sophie Hannah is among that elite list. If you haven’t given her a try, you really must.

Sophie Hannah also has a number of non-series titles in case you want to wet your feet with those first:

The Orphan Choir

The Monogram Murders – The only authorized continuation of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot novels.

The Warning” – A Short Story