From the Booking Desk:

Can you believe that today marks the start of the third year of this blog? In many ways, it seems like I just started it and in many other ways, it feels like I have been around here forever.


I can’t begin to explain all the wonderful things that running this blog has brought to my life, but the most important thing is that a community of writers and fans I admire and respect so very much accepted me as one of their own. So many people have opened their arms to me and welcomed BOLO Books as a part of their family.

I could rattle off the professional opportunities founding this blog has provided – things like monitoring panels, interviewing authors, and writing for magazines, but really the part that is invaluable is the connections BOLO Books has allowed me to make with other people. From authors to fans, editors to publicists, booksellers to bloggers – having you as part of my life makes this journey so much damn fun.

I hope that along the way, I have guided you to some quality reading material. I never lose sight of the fact that what I am doing is a very subjective project – it really is only my opinion. And it means so much to me that folks seems to truly enjoy the blog. I continue to hope that I can meet more and more of you in person at various events. As long as BOLO Books continues to attract fans – and the numbers bear out that we continue to grow every year – I will be here doing what I do.

Thank you! And as always, thank you to my family and friends who provide the support system necessary for everything I do, not just BOLO Books.

Onward to more reviews, interviews, conferences and connections.