“The past is the father of the present.”

This quote by Hercule Poirot from Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party is just one example of the many pearls of wisdom to be found in Little Grey Cells – The Quotable Poirot. This stylish little book is a treasure-trove packed with knowledge imparted to readers by the Belgian detective – and his creator – over the years.

Perfect for holiday gift-giving, Little Grey Cells is small enough to fit into a Christmas stocking, would make the perfect hostess gift, or a little token of gratitude for your favorite co-worker. The book measures in at 6 x 4 1/2 inches so it is perfect for those times when just a little “something” is needed to say thank you.

The design elements of the book are impeccable. With a grey, black and red color scheme and crisp white paper, the pages just beg to be turned. Readers will delight at the small touches of whimsy throughout – the trademark mustache here and a silhouette of the detective there. Easy to read typeface with classically elegant trim treatment add an air of sophistication the detective himself would love.

The quotes within are taken from both the novels and the short stories written by Dame Christie. The book is divided into clear sections (topics) such has Food & Drink, Romance, Detective Work, Truth & Lies, and several others. Wisely, the publisher has chosen to open and close the book with short essays by Agatha Christie herself. In them she talks about the odd “relationship” between character and creator. The book also includes a bibliography of all the Poirot-related works.

Little Grey Cells is available digitally, but readers who are invested in the idea are better served with the print edition. Buy one for yourself and few copies for your closest friends. It won’t be long before you feel the tug to return to the original novels from which the quotes are borrowed.


Disclaimer: A print copy of this title was provided to BOLO Books by the publisher. No review was promised and the above is an unbiased review of the book.