From the Booking Desk:

Malice Domestic begins in Bethesda, Maryland tomorrow.  I hope that you are going to be there. Please be sure to say hello!

I’ll be hanging out the entire weekend, so keep your eye peeled for the EYEBALL.

On Saturday morning at 10 AM, I will be moderating the panel called Group Dynamics: Sharing Detection. I shall be leading Cathy Ace, Arlene Kay, Anthony Perona (one half of the writing team that publishes under the name Elizabeth Perona), and Loretta Ross in a lively discussion.

We all have our favorite detecting teams –such as Holmes/Watson, Nero/Archie, and Lynley/Havers/Nkata (to barely scratch the surface) – so this promises to be a fun conversation in which you are sure to discover some new favorites. Crime solving can be a group activity!

I’ll also do my best to live Tweet from the Agatha Awards Banquet on Saturday night.  Good luck to all the nominees. Look for a full recap of the weekend’s events early next week here on BOLO Books.