From the Booking Desk:

I interact with Zack Wagman in his capacity as Executive Editor at Ecco Books. This imprint of HarperCollins has published some of my favorite books over the last few years, and Zack always ensures that I have easy access to those books when I make a request. Back when I launched the Composite Sketch feature, it was designed to introduce fans to the people behind all corners of our crime fiction tribe, so I am thrilled to once again have a sketch from behind the publisher curtain. Please help me welcome Zack to BOLO Books.

Name: Zack Wagman
Location: Maplewood, NJ

This person from my personal life is such an inspiration:

I know it sounds cheesy, but my wife is an amazement. She is a passionate and devoted pre-k teacher and the effect she has her students and their families never ceases to astonish me.

One of the people I admire most in the crime fiction community is:

I have to be careful here because I publish a bunch of them, but I have to call out Sarah Weinman here. Her knowledge of the crime world is so deep and multi-faceted and her affection for her fellow travelers is palpable. She’s extremely generous and just overall a great proselytizer for our genre.

STALKER ALERT! If this fictional character were real, they would likely need to get a restraining order against me:

I have two: Joe Kavalier from The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, to talk comics and old New York. And Amy Dunne from Gone Girl, just for the marvel of hanging out with someone so smart and funny, but also kind of a psycho.

People are always surprised that I am a fan of this individual (singer, actor, or artist):

I’m not really one to hide my fandom, but maybe people would be surprised to know I’m a fan of Kristen Bell? She can do family friendly (Frozen), snarky (The Good Place), and raunchy (Bad Moms). What’s not to love?

My personal catch phase is (or should be):

I have two small kids at home, so these days it’s “Don’t touch that.”