From the Booking Desk:

Today is the official start of Bouchercon 2018 in St Petersburg, Florida. I hope to see many of you at The Vinoy Resort Hotel over the next few days. For those that are unable to join us, follow me on Facebook for lots of pictures and details of all the Con action.

Since these conventions get cray-cray very quickly, I thought I would post the parts of my schedule that I know are happening. Of course, I’ll be in many more places than listed here, but this at least gives you an idea of where you can track me down if you need me. Or if you just want to say hi and get a hug!

Thursday –

Coat of Many Colors

(This diversity panel is a must-see! I hope to recreate the panoramic photo I took at a similar event at Bouchercon Long Beach)

A Martini with a Twist of Plot–Thrillers
Kristopher Zgorski (M)
Alafair Burke
Mason Cross
Meg Gardiner
Elizabeth Little
Neil S Plakcy

(I sort of have to be at this one, I am the moderator. But even if I wasn’t, I would be there to listen to these incredible authors talk about Thrillers)

Sara Blaedel Interview by Lisa Unger

(Blaedel, Unger – Enough said!)

Opening Ceremonies Reception

(Introductions of the GoH, several awards, and everyone all in one place – this is required attendance)

Friday –

New Author Breakfast

(I am hosting the New Author Breakfast this year. I hope that you will join us to hear from your new favorite authors)

The Inside Scoop–
What Reviewers Want You to Know
Peter Rozovsky (M)
Oline Cogdill
Jon Jordan
Andrew Gulli
Katrina Niidas Holm

(As a reviewer, I want to hear what is said – but more importantly, this is my chance to see some of my closest friends in the crime fiction community)

Public Bouchercon Meeting (General Members’ Meeting)

(Open to all attendees! Let your voice be heard and support the board that makes this all possible)

Karin Slaughter Interview by Alafair Burke

(Two good friends chatting with each other, this is sure to be entertaining, informative, and likely downright hilarious)

Mark Billingham Interview by Michael Connelly

(Another can’t miss Guest of Honor interview)

Saturday –

Author Speed Dating Breakfast

(Call me insane, but yes, I am also hosting the Author Speed Dating Breakfast this year. Come hear elevator pitches from 50 attending authors. The be prepared to spend money in the bookroom)

David Thompson Award Recipients/Future Guests of Honor
William Kent Krueger (M)
Cara Black
Judy Bobalik
Lesa Holstine
Harry Hunsicker
Marv Lachman
Hank Phillippi Ryan

(You might have noticed that I wrote the profile of Judy Bobalik for the convention program, so I can’t miss the opportunity to see her on a panel. This is also another chance to see some of my favorite people)

Anthony Awards

(I never miss the Anthony Awards, but this year will be special. I am honored to be nominated for Best Online Content next to some of my favorite people in the world. I’d be honored to receive your vote, but readers win no matter what happens)

Sunday –

One-Book Stand or Long-Term Relationship–Series vs Stand Alone
Ragnar Jonasson (M)
David Bell
Matthew Clemens
Catriona McPherson
Ivy Pochoda
Lori Rader-Day

(I can’t think of a better line-up of authors to end *my* Bouchercon 2018 panel going. This is one HELL of a roster!)

Closing Ceremonies

(Time to collect those last minute hugs and say good-bye until next year)