From the Booking Desk:

I have made it well known that I am a fan of Stephanie Gayle’s Thomas Lynch Series. Below I will post links to my reviews of the previous books. Plus I will include the review blurb I did for the most recent book, which is being released today.  That particular blurb appears on the back cover of the book, so I think that pretty much contains my thoughts on the book, so I am not going to post a more in-depth review. But clearly, you should read the book!

Review of Idyll Threats

Review of Idyll Fears

Back cover review blurb for Idyll Hands:

“By utilizing dual narratives to unearth the ghosts of the past, Gayle navigates the dangers of scandalous secrets and biased mentalities at play in small-town America, in what proves to be the best Thomas Lynch procedural to date.”    —Kristopher Zgorski, founder of BOLO Books and recipient of the 2018 MWA Raven Award