From the Booking Desk:

Time for another entry in this incredibly popular feature here at BOLO Books – The APB (All Points Bulletin).


As always, competition for these slots was tough. Which books are generating that elusive buzz in the publishing industry? Which are books that I personally have been waiting for? As always, I try to keep this a mixture of books from heavy-hitters and those newer to our genre – and across all sub-genres.


This feature works in conjunction with the weekly BOLO (Be On the Look Out) posts. Both are intended to highlight books that I am excited about in advance of their release date. In the case of the APB, the format is simply to present a gallery featuring the covers, the official release date of each book, and a brief explanation of why I am anticipating the title.


As we get closer to that release date, the BOLO post will give you more detailed information on each title, but in the meantime, feel free to research these titles on your own. And remember to pre-order!

Available October 23

Catriona McPherson is one of my favorite story-tellers in any genre. I love the historical Dandy Gilver series, the stand-alone suspense tales, the comedic Lexy Campbell series, and now she releases this Gothic-toned stand-alone that is simply wonderful. Look for Catriona to stop by BOLO Books next week for a guest post discussing all things Gothic. You won’t want to miss that – or this book!

Available October 30

In The Late Show, Michael Connelly introduced Renee Ballard, his first female lead. Renee works the late shift at the same precinct where Bosch works, so it was inevitable that they would eventually work a case together. That time is now!

Available November 1

In 2009, Bryan Gruley burst onto the crime fiction scene with Starvation Lake – a novel that garnered intense critical acclaim and one that I still reflect back on quite often. Two further books were released before that series ended in 2013. I have been waiting to see what Bryan would do next and now we have the launch of a new series with a new publisher.

Available November 6

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Sid the Skeleton (and his creator, Toni Kelner, aka Leigh Perry.) I hosted the cover reveal for several books in the series including this new one. Readers can expect laugh-out-load moments juxtaposed with scenes that come straight from the heart.

Available November 6

Laine Moriarty’s first release since the massive success of the Big Little Lies television adaptation. Those of us who have been reading her for years know that every book is a wonderfully-twisted look at relationships – of various sorts – that almost always becomes a binge-read experience.

Available November 6

A true crime in a building that I can see from my office window at the day job – how could I resist?  I am happy to say that this one delivers on multiple levels and I’ll be covering some of Markita’s local events surrounding the launch of this book.

Available November 27

Yes, the Louise Penny novel is almost here. Released a bit later in the season that she typically does, I am happy to report that fans of the series will once again find the wait more than worth it.

Available December 4

It almost seems like I have been reading Val McDermid forever – that is how ingrained in my psyche her novels are. Broken Ground is the latest in the Karen Pirie series and as anyone who has read those books knows, there is no telling what kind of case she will get entangled with this time out. And such a stunning cover!

Available December 4

Matt Coyle’s noir-ish series featuring Rick Cahill just keeps getting better – and given how successful the early books are, that is saying something. The way he brings his setting – Southern California – to life always manages to make me long for my days living in and around San Diego, but it is Coyle’s thrilling plots and complex character-development that keep me glued to the pages.

Available December 18

I am a huge fan of Debra H. Goldstein’s multi-award-nominated short story “The Night They Burned Ms. Dixie’s Place,” so I am very excited to read the first in her new cozy mystery series from Kensington.