Looking to find me at Malice Domestic? Here’s some times and places where you might have the best luck.

Now remember, this is my first Malice Domestic as both the Secretary on the Board of Directors and the Dealer Room Liaison, so take this schedule with all the HOPE but none of the CERTAINTY with which I can supply it. 


I’ll be around the convention center all day, making sure the dealers have what they need to get set-up in the dealers room, providing coverage to the other Malice Board team members on tasks that remain to be discovered (by both myself and by them), and hopefully dishing out some hugs to those arriving friends I can’t wait to see.

I will be at Early Registration (5-7).

I also plan to be at the 9PM showing of Queens of Mystery in the Amphitheater.


I love MALICE-GO-ROUND, so schedule-permitting, I hope to share a table with Judy Bobalik and Dru Ann Love as we listen to wonderful authors pitch their latest books.

Since all of the panels on Friday are in the same room, I’ll be in and out of there from the first – YOU’VE GOT FAN MAIL (Guest of Honor moderated by Verena Rose) @ 1PM through to the OPENING CEREMONIES @ 5PM.

Certainly, I will be in that room at 3PM when I will be moderating the panel covering the BEST CONTEMPORARY AGATHA AWARD nominees. Facing my inquisition will be Ellen Byron, Bruce Robert Coffin, Annette Dashofy, and Hank Phillippi Ryan.

After a brief dinner break with some friends, I’ll be back for the ANTHOLOGY SIGNING AND RECEPTION. This will be a great time to gather and chat.


I will be at the Annual Malice Domestic Sister In Crime Breakfast.

My panel hopes for the day include the 9AM Suspense panel, the 10AM Golden Age and Forgotten Authors panel, and the 11AM Historical panel.

I want to check out the Kensington Author Book Signings as well.

There are also the Guest of Honor interviews with Donna Andrews and Parnell Hall that I hope to witness.

One guarantee is that will be at the 2:00-3:30 SUPER FANS TALK panel – after all, I’m one of the panelists. Shawn Reilly Simmons will attempt to get Judy Bobalik, Nikki Bonanni, Dru Ann Love, Kate Stine, and I to say some coherent, informative, and entertaining things. Wish her luck.

And of course, I wouldn’t miss the AGATHA AWARDS BANQUET on Saturday Night. It’s ways a highlight of the weekend: So much fun, so much anticipation, so much excitement.


Another favorite every year is the NEW AUTHOR BREAKFAST. What could be better than meeting new people as they begin their journeys with our crime-writing tribe?

I will also be at the 10AM Malice Domestic Public Board Meeting. Assuming I am still upright, I’ll be taking the minutes. 

Again, there is a great Guest of Honor interview with Chris Grabenstein

And I’ll be at the final closing AGATHA TEA AND CLOSING CEREMONY.

Realize, if I actually make it to even half of these things, I will feel like I have accomplished something on the magnitude of scaling Mount Everest. Don’t hold your breath, but do say hi at any opportunity. That might be the only way to get me to slow down.